Checking-out to Check-in

Checking-out to Check-in

Life ebbs and flows. Energy ebbs and flows. Growth ebbs and flows. What we have to give ebbs and flows.

Sometimes we need to check-out from the external world to give ourselves the opportunity to check-in.

This “checking-out to check-in” is where we need to go during what I call “high-growth” periods; those times when we are relentlessly walloped with waves of life lessons and feel like we can barely keep our head above water. If we feel like we’re about to drown, sometimes that’s exactly what needs to happen: stop the struggle of staying at the surface, and allow ourselves to be pulled into the depths of our evolution. We need to give ourselves permission to sink. Into the quiet. To take the time to marinate in the waters of “me first”, and not give so much of ourselves away so that we can direct our energy to our experience.

To allow our process the time and space to process.

We need to give ourselves room to relax. To take our time. To listen, to feel, and to understand. We have been given an entire lifetime to learn, unlearn, and re-learn. Sometimes the keyboard clicks, and sometimes it doesn’t. There isn’t a need to worry that what was once there won’t be again. If something is absent, it’s simply to make space for something else to be a priority. Our lack of external production is simply a reflection of major work going on beneath the surface.

It’s okay to hand out crumbs to others and hang onto the loaf for ourselves. We need to know it’s okay to feed ourselves first. It’s not our responsibility to make sure others get fed. In fact, that’s the only way that any of this is sustainable. Think about it: if we starve ourselves for the sake of giving our bread to others, what happens after we starve to death? Eventually, everyone around us will go hungry and starve to death too. Not a good situation.

So, this is your permission slip to hang onto that entire loaf of bread as you slip beneath the waves. Anchor yourself down deep and spend as much time hanging out at the bottom as your little heart desires. You’re needed on land, but only when you’re fully fed. Come back to us when you need some more bread.

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