– Am I the Coach for You? –

The most important element of a coaching relationship is connection.

Before you decide to invest your sacred time, energy, and money in working with me, do your best to get a feel for who I am.  Read my blog and check out my social media links to see if what I’m putting out there resonates with you, and visit my testimonials page to see what my previous and current clients are saying about their experience in working with me.

– My Style –

“People start to heal the moment they feel heard” – Cheryl Richardson

I am here as a mirror for you, and your experience.  I don’t hold the answers you are seeking in your life: you do.  My responsibility as your coach is to help you rediscover your inner wisdom.  I accomplish this through deep listening, energetic connection, and intuitive questioning.

– My Training as a Coach –

My expertise as a coach has been developed through formal training with Erickson International, hands-on experience with my own clients, four years of teaching yoga and meditation, and working with my own life coach.

My abilities as a coach continue to improve as I continue to evolve in my own life.  When it comes to our personal and professional growth, we are never done.  I am a seeker; fully committed to my own journey of personal growth, and an avid student of  life.  It’s the commitment I have to my self that makes me a better coach for my present and future clients.  Nothing thrills and engages me more than working with people who also consider themselves a seeker.

All potential clients receive a complimentary 30 minute connection call.

emBODY freedom program

This 30-day self-study program combines yoga philosophy and practices, spiritual wisdom, and practical coaching techniques to support women through the process of establishing a harmonious relationship with their bodies.


1:1 weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls

Coaching combined with customized yoga practices

Group coaching

Access to emBODY freedom yoga and meditation video library

Group workshops and retreats

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