emBODY freedom program

– emBODY freedom 30-day program –

To be free, look within.

The way out, is in.  No diet or exercise plan is ever going to change your life.  You are going to change your life.

emBODY freedom is a 30 day self-study program designed to help women discover the mind-body connection essential to living an unlimited life.

By committing to 30 days of self-guided daily routines that involve journalling, yoga and meditation techniques, and personal growth activities, you will change the relationship you have with food, yourself, and everyone around you.

What you Get:

  • 30 day mind-body program PDF file that contains daily routines for all three emBODY freedom 10-day modules
  • access to online yoga and meditation video library
  • connection to and support from fellow participants
  • add 1:1 coaching calls at a discounted rate of $79/1 hour session
  • a life of joy, love, and freedom

Investment: $39


The emBODY freedom modules:

Each module is designed to build upon the last: by completing the daily routines found in each module, you will gradually transition your mind-body connection into a more harmonious state, while increasing feelings of peace, joy, and freedom.

Module 1: Awareness – “we cannot change what we are not aware of”

  • learn to tune-in to the divine intelligence of the body
  • become aware of self-talk, mindset, and limiting beliefs

Module 2: Release – “to live fully, we must speak our truth to the world”

  • learn to recognize how truth feels in your body, and how speaking your feelings serves your highest self
  • begin to let go of negative judgments and victim mentality

Module 3: Create – “we, as individuals, are responsible for creating our reality”

  • learn how to access your power centre and live from that place
  • use your life-force energy to make decisions and create the life you want to live