Life already has its own set of obstacles, and they are so much better met with a healthy, vital self.

It is difficult to grow, to learn, to be happy, or even just to navigate life when we feel crummy.

Everyday tasks become so much more challenging when we are fighting with our bodies. Imagine how you might show up in the world, if that thing, big or small, which is impeding your well-being, was suddenly gone?

All the thingS

From infertility to breastfeeding concerns to temper-tantrums to menopause — and for all the things in between (chronic colds, trouble sleeping, ­­­­­­­­­PMS, anxiety – we’re looking at you here!) — it is possible to understand what is happening in your body, to treat it, heal it, and to move forward in your life with more ease.


Meet Erin

I have always come from a place of curiosity. First as a teacher, curious around the notion of what ignites each of us to learn. Now as a homeopath, curious about what is making you unwell, to understand what is bothering you, to find what is out of balance, to get to the bottom of it, and to help fix it.



Each of us has a set of unique traits that makes us who we are – it’s like our Signature, if you will.

For better or worse, these traits impact who we are, and how we move through the world. When we become ill, our unique Signature is expressed by our bodies in ways that are unique to us – our symptoms are different from anyone else’s because they reflect our Signature, and no one else’s. It has often been said that no two headaches are the same, for example. No two people will experience head pain the same way, much less anxiety, much less trauma, or even breast cancer. Symptoms and the experience of being unwell are unique to each of us – they, too, are part of our Signature.


Homeopathic remedies have their own Signatures, too.

And this is where the Art of Homeopathy meets the Science of the Medicine: As your Homeopath, it is my role to find the remedy whose Signature most closely matches yours. A well-matched pair — Signature of the Person to Signature of the Remedy — will initiate healing in ways that are unparalleled by any other medical approach.

Your Homeopathic Signature


With homeopathic medicine I can offer a chance to find more ease in your life as you begin to feel better.

As bumpy as our path may be at times, there are always moments of joy, laughter, love, and fulfillment that we may otherwise miss if we are unwell. And when we are healthy, we can show up in the world exactly as we were meant to.

Erin Crawford - Homeopath

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