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Let's be Ready, Spring Is Coming!

Spring brings many joys, green sprouts in our gardens, puddles to splash in, warm sunshine. But it also brings a host of unpleasant symptoms for many people, including allergies and hay fever. Sniffling noses, runny, watery eyes, and a scratchy throat are all common symptoms of allergies.

Did you know that climate change affects seasonal allergies? We used to be able to predict the onset and offset of pollen seasons, but climate change is making it difficult to ascertain when certain pollen seasons will start and stop. 

Understanding the Season

Weather is different now; we are all experiencing this as Canadians. We have lost the clear transition of a crisp, cold winter to a nice, warm spring to then slowly into a big hot summer. We all know we aren’t getting this anymore, and pollination is dependent on signals from Mother Nature. We are going from a cold winter, to a quick spring, into summer, and this throws off the internal radar of the trees to figure out what they are supposed to do.

Climate change may be to blame for your allergies worsening each year. One impact of this change is that tree pollen season is starting later and later, and is catching up to grass pollen season.

Allergies & Homeopathy

It is very common to be allergic to both tree and grass pollen, so when tree pollen season is so late to start, it means that seasonal allergy sufferers are getting hit with a double whammy. People have horrible symptoms because tree pollen season starts out of the blue as winter stops on a dime. Then, spring starts quickly and within a week grass pollen season has sprung and people feel like they are getting hit twice as hard (because they are). Although the pollen counts may not be as bad, the double hit makes it terrible for those who suffer from allergies.

Top 3 Remedies to Think of for Allergies


Allium Cepa

Allium Cepa is made from the common onion bulb. Used for runny, runny noses that just won’t stop. The mucous from the nose can be acrid, it may feel like it’s burning or scalding the upper lip.


Euphrasia is from the eyebright plant, and used for watering, burning eyes, and bland runny noses.


Sabadilla is all about the sneezing. Made from the lily plant in Central America and Mexico, and especially good for Hayfever, this remedy is used for a tingle or itching in the nose that causes violent or repeated sneezing fits.

TIP: Your constitutional remedy~the remedy that best matches who you are~can help to keep your health in check. Try taking a dose at first signs of things feeling “off”.  Not sure what that is? Email me at to book a complimentary call to learn about how I can help.


Homeopathy is a very individualized form of medicine, so if you feel like you don’t align with one of these remedies, there is another one out there that can help you! This remedy information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be used as a means to treat and/or diagnose any condition or ailment. Please seek the help of a qualified professional and ensure that you are visiting your primary care physician if symptoms persist or worsen.

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