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Pregnancy Issue


Welcome to the Pregnancy edition of Homeopathy & Health Newsletter!

Did you know that Homeopathy can safely and gently relieve most pregnancy related symptoms and discomforts? Homeopathy is a gentle yet effective system of medicine which uses remedies that are highly diluted and are not chemical drugs, making them safe for both babies and mothers.


Did you know that breastmilk contains natural antibodies that can protect your newborn? And if breastfeeding begins soon after birth, it can also help to expel the placenta.

Breastfeeding is not always easy though. It can feel foreign, frustrating, and exhausting. And it’s not for everyone. But if you want to breastfeed, it can be an important bonding time for you and your baby and provide infants with valuable nourishment.

Although a simple and natural process, being prepared may be one of the best ways to ensure you and your baby get off to a good start in the breastfeeding department. Professional lactation consultants, public health nurses, and midwives can offer advice and guidance. Anxiety can create difficulties with breastfeeding, the nursing mother must try to say calm, relaxed and not hurried or stressed. You’ll get the hang of it! There are also a few well known remedies for breastfeeding difficulties.

Remedies to Think of for common breastfeeding challenges


Skin to skin contact can help babies realign their natural suckling reflex. Strip your baby down to her diaper, remove your bra, and lay your baby skin to skin between your breasts. Place a blanket over her to keep her cozy. Wait until she starts to root for the breast (search for it) and then gently guide her.

Quick Tip: Calendula is the first choice remedy for cracked, sore nipples.

Top 3 Remedies:

Belladonna: Sudden attack of mastitis. Inflamed, red, hot breast, with possible red streak radiating from the area. Also known for too much flow of milk

Bryonia: Sore, plugged milk ducts. Breasts feel heavy and lumpy. Breasts so tender that mother feels the need to wear a bra to minimize movement of the breast.

Pulsatilla: Thin, watery milk. Hindmilk is almost entirely absent. Tearful when sitting down to nurse.

Want to know more?

Interested in homeopathy but not sure that it’s right for you and your baby? Contact me at to set up a free chat or online through to book a complimentary time to talk.  Thanks for joining me here.

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Homeopathy is a very individualized form of medicine, so if you feel like you don’t align with one of these remedies, there is another one out there that can help you. This remedy information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be used as a means to treat and/or diagnose any condition or ailment. Speak to your midwife, obstetrician, or registered homeopath for more information.

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