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Happiness is Healthiness

In need of a feel-good boost? Research shows that happiness can have major benefits for your health. To begin, it can promote a healthy lifestyle, but it also can help you deal with stress, boost your immune system, protect your heart (literally and figuratively), and reduce pain. Studies also show happier folks live longer! Who doesn’t want to be happier after reading all that?

Finding Happiness

Happiness does not always land on your front door step. Finding ways to make our lives happier, will indefinitely lead to a more fulfilling life. If our health is suffering though, it can be hard to see the bright side of things or to head out to do things we love.

Homeopathy can help balance our health and our lives. From chronic colds, trouble sleeping, past trauma or even breast cancer, finding the remedy that is best suited for your individual case can allow you to heal and to feel better on a daily basis. When you feel well, you can do your job, be part of your family, and show up however you need to show up. When you are healthy, you can make the space to be happy. But what is this happiness thing really? How do we find it?

Happiness & Homeopathy

It’s hard to nail down one thing that makes us universally happy except to say this, we each have our thing. Whether it’s a place, a food, an activity, a person or group of people, researchers seem to agree that you have find the thing for you that makes you feel good. The thing that truly brings you joy. And then infuse your life with it.

When we just can’t seem to get off the couch to head outdoors even though we know we will feel good afterward, or if we just can’t seem to drag ourselves away from our desks to have lunch with friends, or whatever the case (you know you’re in here too!) we can think of homeopathy to restore balance to our bodies and help us show up as our true selves.

Top 5 remedies to think of when we find ourselves dragging along



Thought of for feelings of indifference, especially toward family and friends, irritable & easily offended.


Temperament is mild and gentle, but can be quick to anger. Tears come easily, inclined to silent grief.

Nux Vomica

This remedy is for those suffering from over-indulgence, especially after the holidays. Also if over-sensitive to noise, odours, bright lights or music.

Calcarea Carbonica

Can be used for feeling jaded, mentally or physically due to overwork or overwhelm. Can also feel fearful or apprehensive.

Phosphoric Acid

May need this remedy following stresses, such as illness, grief, covid, or overwork. Characterized by feeling apathetic, fatigued, or drained.

TIP: Your constitutional remedy~the remedy that best matches who you are~can help to keep your health in check. Try taking a dose at first signs of things feeling “off”. Not sure what that is? Email me at hello@erincrawford.ca to book a complimentary call to learn about how I can help.

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