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Winter Blues or Depression?

Welcome to the Pregnancy edition of Homeopathy & Health Newsletter!

Did you know that Homeopathy can safely and gently relieve most pregnancy related symptoms and discomforts? Homeopathy is a gentle yet effective system of medicine which uses remedies that are highly diluted and are not chemical drugs, making them safe for both babies and mothers.

Winter Blues or Depression?

Did you know homeopathic remedies can treat depression safely and gently?

Winter time can be a tough time of year for many. Shorter days, cold snowy weather, and increased time indoors can seriously affect our mental health. In addition (as if this isn’t enough!) we are all trying to recover from a very challenging pandemic which has had a huge impact on our mental health. Oh, and did I forget to mention that you’re pregnant? Pregnancy doesn’t just change our bodies, it also disrupts our hormones which can impact how we think, feel, and act, how we handle stress, how we relate to others and how we make healthy choices. It can also go so far as to cause depression. We usually hear about postpartum depression, but sometimes we can see it creep up during pregnancy too.

  • Sepia is known for helping with feelings of indifference and exhaustion.
  • Ignatia treats depression from disappointment.
  • Natrum Muriaticum is known to help recover from a deeper depression, withdrawn, unhappy & anxious.


Tips & Ideas

Ways to Battle the Blues

Baby blues are a normal part of the transition of having a newborn, you may feel sad, cry alot, have mood swings, have trouble sleeping, feel overwhelmed, feel like an inadequate mother, or worry that you’re not bonding with your baby. This is all normal, but you don’t need to suffer! Homeopathy can help and you can also make some lifestyle adjustments. However, if you’re feeling symptoms for longer than two weeks, or if your symptoms become severe, you need to seek help immediately.

Postpartum depression needs to be treated professionally and can occur anytime within the first year of your baby being born.

Babies are notorious for disrupting sleep, but when the baby sleeps, you must also! It can be hard to lie down with dishes piling in the sink, but it will help you cope and stay healthy in the long run.

Ask for Help.
Remember those dishes that are piling up? You don’t have to do it all. Visitors and family are always looking for ways to help new moms (or they should be at least!) so give someone a task when they come by for a visit before they sit down for a turn holding the baby.

Eat well & Get Outside.
Easier said than done, I get it. But try to make it happen, you’ll feel better for it. You can do it.

Make a Date.
Having a newborn can be isolating. Plan an outing with other new moms, join a mom and baby group, or meet a friend for coffee, and chat about what’s going on. Likely there are others who are feeling similarly and bonding over this time in your life can be a lifesaver.

Homeopathy is Covered By Many Insurance Plans

Did you know that homeopathy became a regulated profession in Ontario in 2007 and now is covered by many extended health care benefit packages? Some companies that include homeopathic coverage in some of their packages are Sunlife, Blue Cross, Manulife, and Green Shields. Patients are encouraged to reach out to their insurance provider and enquire. Alternatively, some companies may have extended health spending accounts which homeopathy can be claimed under. And if not covered, be proactive! Request that homeopathy be included in your coverage or seek out a broker who can help you find coverage.

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