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Staying Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by fear with the media’s stories and reports on the potential severity of this year’s cold and flu virus, not to mention covid. It can influence our every day decisions and outlook. But have no fear! There are ways to navigate the indoor season with good health and confidence. Don’t be shocked, but did you know we have streptococcus bacteria in our throats, pneumococcal bacteria in our bronchioles and a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast throughout our bodies?

Yet here we are! Our immune systems keep these microbes in balance and with a bit of attention can also keep us in good health this upcoming season.

The Power of Traditional Medicine

The World Health Organization (WHO) refers to traditional medicine as the various old and sometimes ancient natural therapies that people have used for a long time. Does this include Homeopathy, you ask? Yes! Yes, it does.

WHO recently recognized that 70-80% of the world’s population relies upon these traditional medicines for much of their primary care needs. We seem to be a bit behind that mark here in the West, but we can catch up.

Build a Strong Immune & Defence System

Did you know that it’s possible to build a healthier immune and defence system? Maintaining good nutrition, taking vitamin D & C, and minerals such as zinc are known to support a healthy immune system. Research also shows that immune and defence systems are impacted by lack of sleep and stress, so keep those in check. And finally, homeopathy plays a role. It can help strengthen your immune and defence system, reduce your susceptibility, and help you recover more quickly when those sniffles inevitably come on.

Remedies to Think of This Winter



  • Sudden onset
  • Dry heat of skin in fever, with thirst


  • Flu with severe, throbbing headache
  • Every movement, even slight, hurts


  • Chilly, anxious, and restless
  • Achy with burning pains. Thirsty for sips of water

TIP: Worried about getting sick this winter? Contemplating the flu vaccine but not sure what to do? If you would like to explore ways to build your immune and defence system naturally, email me at to book a complimentary call to learn about how I can help.


Homeopathy is a very individualized form of medicine, so if you feel like you don’t align with one of these remedies, there is another one out there that can help you! This remedy information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be used as a means to treat and/or diagnose any condition or ailment. Please seek the help of a qualified professional and ensure that you are visiting your primary care physician if symptoms persist or worsen.

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